Welcome to the Lympstone Entertainments website

Since 2006 we have been actively promoting live, mostly professional, performances in our East Devon village. A click on Mr Punch’s booth, above, as well giving you a list of what we have programmed for our current season, also shows the range of our past events; musical, dramatic, literary, serious and comic that we have already brought before local audiences, either in the village hall or in the parish church. Click on any and you’ll find details of individual presentations, past or future. They will verify that variety and quality are our watchwords.

'Gli Amici rehearsing for the concert in September 2013'

On other pages we give some background to the founding and history of Lympstone Entertainments, and introduce the people behind the initiative (see ABOUT US); and you’ll find an anthology of the STREET POETRY that has appeared, this year as last, on our poster sites throughout the village during our summer break.

LYMPSTONE FILM SOCIETY began as a germ of an idea during early discussion between the founders of Lympstone Entertainments. A section is devoted to more details of this gratifyingly successful venture, and information about its forthcoming programme.

Our very appreciative audiences are kept informed of our plans through an email newsletter called DRUMBEAT; past editions can be found with another keystroke. If you’d like your name added to our circulation list, just send a brief email to giving your name, email address and telephone number.

  • Guitar Concert Series
  • Chinese Traditional Music
  • A Day's Work
  • Village Concert 2014
  • Celtic Strings
  • Baroque Voices
  • One Flute Many Voices
  • One Darke Night
  • The Little Sweep
  • Dickens asks for more
  • A Circle of Tales
  • Village Concert 2012
  • Pauper's Path to Hope
  • Ancient Strings
  • Devon Baroque
  • The Magnets
  • Smuggler's Gold
  • Jazz Festival
  • Piazzolla Duo
  • Edwardian Soiree
  • Matt Harvey
  • Caruso and the Quake
  • Village Concert 2011
  • New Budapest Cafe Orchestra
  • Whole Stole Christmas
  • Facade
  • jack
  • Magnets
  • Clarion Clarinet Quartet
  • those Magnificent Men
  • Hoot
  • Village Concert
  • Just So!
  • Navvy's Wife
  • Pip Utton as Charles Dickens
  • Bridge String Quartet
  • Village Concert
  • Pip Utton as Charlie Chaplin
  • Noel Harrison
  • Kosmos Ensemble
  • Clarion Clarinet Quartet
  • Daughters of Elvin
  • Bridge String Quartet
  • Widdershins
  • Clare Morrall
  • Piaffinitee